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 Chatbox Rules

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PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:53 pm

This topic is very important because some people may just not know what you cannot or can do in the chatbox.

What you cannot do is
- Mention religion
- Critize something, or someone
- Ask or share too much personal information
- Speak about anything innapropriate
- Use bad language
- Abuse your powers
- Spam the chat
- Argue with someone
- Share disturbing pictures
- Ignore someone when they ask you to stop doing a certain thing
- Advertise another site

What you can do is
- Talk about appropriate subjects
- Speak about discussions you like. Ex: If I like cats, I could speak about them.
- If you have powers, use them properly
- If you know the person you are speaking with in real life, you can mention more personal subject.
- Share pictures or animations/gifs
- Plan to work on something such as a story for example together to post on the topics

Then there are Chat Moderators. The Chat Moderators are the ones with the @ before their username.
Ex: @Soli
That means they have Chat powers. I will let you know that if you are a Moderator already, the Chat powers will not automatically come to you. I have to type a certain command in the Message box to make a Chat Mod*.
There are some chat commands that you dont need to be a chat moderator to do and some you need to be a chat mod.

You dont need to be a mod to do the following
- /me : In the Message box, you type /me and then write what you want to be doing. Ex: I would type /me eats a slice of pizza.... then it would appear in the chat saying as *Brunnekynha eats a slice of pizza.
- /away : This is when you want to be in the away section of the chat box, you type /away and then after that you type your reasion. Ex: If I want to be on brb real quick and not appearing as online, I'd type /away eating breakfest........ and it would appear as Brunnekynha is away: eating breakfest.
- /exit : You can write /exit in the Message Box instead of clicking the log out button on the top right section of the Chatbox. This is just like away, but it exits you from the chatbox and you can type a reason for it. Ex: I'd type /exit Im going to sleep now....... and it would appear as Brunnekynha has logged off the chat on Wed 4 Jul 2012 - 12:47 : Im going to go sleep now

You need to be a mod to do the following
- /kick : If someone is misbehaving or some worthy reason to make them leave the chatbox, you are a mod and you just type in the Message box /kick and the person you want to make log out of the chat box after the /kick, and they will log out. The person you kick can come back on, but they will just be logged out. It will appear on the chatbox who was kicked and who kicked them. Ex: Solimar is being rude so I type /kick Soli...... and it will appear as Soli has been kicked by Brunnekynha
- /ban : Something too bad might be going on in the Chatbox and kicking them doesn't control it, just type /ban and the same thing will happen as kicking but they won't be able to log back on.
- /unban : When you decide it is time to allow that person back in, type /unban in the Message box and they will re-appear.
- /mod : Only I can do this command
- /unmod: Only I can do this command
- /clear: Maybe if the chat is too spammy or you just think the chat needs some clearing, type /clear in the Message box and everything will disappeared. Ex: If I type in /clear....... then it will make all the archives disappear and at the top of the chat log it will say Messages cleared by Brunnekynha


* Mod means Moderator
** WIP means Working in Progress
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Chatbox Rules
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