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 What you can/can't share on the forums

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PostSubject: What you can/can't share on the forums   Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:02 pm

First of all, this should be a family friendly website, so nothing innapropriate may be shared here. Nothing with that much gore should be allowed, but some is allowed too. If you have a doubt, please just PM me the art you were wondering if you could share or not and I will look over it. This website is for all ages but you must remember that children use this website too, and some that aren't even children would very much prefer an appropriate website to join.

You may not share art that includes
- Too much gore
- Innapropriate gross content
- Ideas that display poor influence
- Anything offense to someone, or something
- Any sort of religion
- Bad language
- Too much personal information

Depending on how bad it is if you do so, I will punish you in different ways. Such as
- Deleting the art
- Giving you a warning
- Banning you from the Website for a certain amount of time
- Banning you and then reporting you to Forumotion

If I have to take it to the level of Banning you and then reporting you to Forumotion, then I will most likely have already gave you a warning, deleted the art, and banned you at first.

Appreciated arts that you may share include
- A creative piece of your art
- Something that represents a good idea
- Something that represents good behavior
- Appropriate things
- Amusing things
- You may share some things that include a bit of crude humor or violence but not much

And so on. I do very much encourage you to place things that I just listed that you may include.
Thankyou for reading, and I hope that you follow these rules.
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What you can/can't share on the forums
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